Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No More Terrorists Allowed In

Honestly? George (Dubya) Bush was 110% right.  The terrorist do hate US for OUR freedoms...,  These people will stop at nothing to keep us from being comfortable and feeling safe here in our own country.  I have to take a page out of the Trump playbook and advocate for rounding up as many as we can that are already here and sending them away.  Too many folks want to make excuses or find an easy way to justify how things are now as a way to say it is OK not to go after them aggressively when the reality is fact, these people are evil and corrupt, they have hijacked and ancient religion and misrepresented what is written and used its teachings to justify the evil that they do.
The apologists and rationlizers will downplay what the terrorists are capable of because they want to embrace everyone and say things like, "you can't clump all these people in a bunch based on the actions of a few". But we all know that is just bull shit, right?  There is no justification for the atrocities that these people have done, continue to do, and will do again in the very near future.
If we just list out the attacks that have happened recently, you should be afraid to leave your home.
  • Shooting up entertainment venues filled with civilians
  • Infiltrating religious gatherings to kill those who share their religion
  • Herding women and children together to kill them
  • Videoing the wanton murder of people they have in "custody"
  • Blowing up house of worship
  • Plotting and calling for, the murder of political opponents and leaders
  • Attacking protesters who don't follow their ideology
  • Murdering babies
  • Calling for the violent overthrow of the elected government
  • Violently disrupting peaceful protests
  • Use of social media to justify their evil and to recruit more to their cause
 When their evil is exposed or condemned they rush to justify it by invoking God's will or twisting facts to keep the populace frightened and scared.  Their actions are predicated on that, they plot to do what they do just because they know that the end result will justify the sacrifice of lives on both sides, just to advance their agenda.  The idea that America is evil comes from these people, these terrorist, these anarchists.  Yet, no matter what they do, no matter what we call them, or what they call themselves, the bottom line is, they are all evil and need to be stopped.  How can you do evil things and then call OUR government "evil" for using drones to track your movements?  Your actions NEED to be tracked by drones and those drones NEED to have the capability to take your sick asses out!  Be afraid of what American do to you, because we should be doing MORE.
Oh, and these terrorists I am wailing against?  These people are not ISIS, or ISIL, they are the crazed people here in America who shoot up schools, churches, movie theaters, and people on the street.  Police are targeting civilians regardless of the race of these victims, but as we see more and more young Black Americans die at their hands, the religious Right takes to the social media space to find justifications.  When children are murdered inside an elementary school right before Christmas, the NRA leadership and their more ardent supporters try and re-frame the reality to make it seem as though this heinous act is either a hoax, or just the work of someone "crazed".  When a hooded Black child is murdered while trying to defend himself from an terrorist, intent on doing evil things, that terrorist became a celebrity and continues to do evil things to this day.  No one has arrested or taken him off the streets because the story was framed to make him a hero, though nothing he did that fateful night was justified nor legal.  When a terrorist walks into a church in South Carolina, sits and prays with a group of God loving fellow Christians who have accepted him with open and loving arms, his betrayal and murder of those same people actually has caused some of the people on outlets like Fox News to jump up and scream, "It was NOT racially motivated, he is sick".  Never mind that survivors of that horror have detailed how this terrorist said Black people are evil and his own history reveals that he hated Blacks. 

Time after time, terroristic acts are perpetrated on Americans here in "the Homeland" by terrorists who were born and raised here, and yet we are constantly pointed to people who aren't "us" as the ones to be feared.  Don't talk to me about posting a flag on my Facebook page to support Paris or France; we are under attack right here at home.  Was it so long ago that Tim McVeigh blew up a federal building and day care filled with babies that we have forgotten what the REAL face of terrorism looks like HERE in America?  And no, by writing this I am not excluding what Black Americans are doing to Black Americans on the streets  ourselves, that is just a subject for another time.  I will address that and I will again, pull no punches.
But for now? To Hell with not bringing in refugees for fear THEY will become a threat, let's go after the ones that are here now, and put an end to the terrorism we already face at home every day.

On November 23rd, armed masked terrorists hunted down and shot five members of a Black Lives Matter group who were peacefully protesting the police involved shooting of a young Black man in Minnesota. Read the rest of the story here

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nitelifer: Trumpback Mountain - The Art of Screwing Everyone ...

Nitelifer: Trumpback Mountain - The Art of Screwing Everyone ...: When commercial fishermen go to do their jobs, which is to catch as many fish as they can, they do what is called "cast a wide net&quot...

Trumpback Mountain - The Art of Screwing Everyone from the Top

When commercial fishermen go to do their jobs, which is to catch as many fish as they can, they do what is called "cast a wide net".  You see the larger the net, the wider the area they can fish, the higher the likelihood they will catch enough fish to have a successful day or "campaign".  The whole idea is not to narrow your options, but to expand them so you can be successful, IF that is your intent.  In case you are reading this and wondering, "where is The Nitelifer going with this one". I will get to my point.
Donald Trump announced his campaign by riding on the wave of anger a certain element in this country feels towards Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal.  There is nothing new about this in America.  After emancipation, Blacks were framed to be all that were wrong with the country, later it was the Irish, then the Italians.  In the 1980's Japanese were the hate targets for "buying up all of America" and then of course, anyone Muslim is gonna be hated from now on.  But what Trump did that day is what all Presidential candidates do; he chose a target and set the target for his campaign.  The problem is, today, Hispanics actually represent a voting block.  There are stats that say overwhelmingly Hispanics vote together.  Is that 100%?  No, of course not.  But with the percentage of the voting population that Hispanics represent, Trump narrowed his net right out the box. After taking hits from all sectors on this stance, Trump, as you well know, didn't back off; he doubled down.  He stuck to his guns and showed us his "tough side".  Points for the Donald from the xenophobes.
Then less than a few weeks later, Trump got embroiled in a "war on women", by character attacking Fox News' Megyn Kelly.  Not that she isn't deserving of disdain, but by going after her, then Carly Fiorona and other female reporters who had the nerve to find fault and question his methods and words.  So now he has garnered sympathy for women that lots of women (and men) normally wouldn't like.  Well done Sir, you have drawn that net even tighter.  But what does that matter, right?  He still has his base, angry White males, most of the 300 Black Republicans.., oh wait!  Well see there is this guy; Dr Ben Carson?  He's "a Black"...., of course HE is going to get ALL the Black Republicans anyway right?  Sure! So why not attack Carson like Trump did on Wednesday; he was closely associated with the birther movement that was laser focused on proving President Obama wasn't born in America, (spoiler, he wasn't, he was born in Hawaii).  But Trump, always the extremest extremist, took it to another level by saying Obama couldn't have achieved as much as he did academically because you know he is "a Black"!  So what if Trump went after Carson's history, he's no Obama.
Now as you know if you've been reading The Nitelifer this year, I am no fan or supporter of Carson.  In my opinion he is just 3 blinks from full blown insane.  He says things that should make EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN AMERICA uncomfortable and angry.  Statements like "Obamacare is the worst thing in America since slavery" & no gunshot wound he ever treated in an ER was worse than having our gun rights under attack; are just plain crazy talk.  But Trump attacking Carson and in the process calling out all the people of Iowa who are supporting Carson, just narrowed his net, yet again.  Unless in the course of a week, the population of Iowa skewed dramatically, Trump starting cutting into his bread and butter, middle class, middle America Whites.
In trying to stroke his own ego, (as always) Trump continues to proclaim that anyone who is not for him, is stupid.  He really reminds me of a spoiled brat who, if he cannot have his way, will throw a tantrum and call everyone else dumb.  But what is truly interesting and what you really have to deeply delve into is, by his words Trump is not only casting a shrinking net, he is tossing his existing crew off the boat.  If you start out holding hands side by side a diverse group and keep attacking things that people don't line up 100% with you, you can start losing people to hold hands with; you end up hugging only yourself.  No matter how much money you have and spend, you cannot win an election when you are reducing the amount of people who want to vote for you.
Look, the top of a pyramid is its smallest design point, but in order for that point to be supported, it has to have a broader base.  This is why I am wondering if Trump is really trying to work his way out of this race and find a way to scapegoat everyone and anyone so that he can turn to the cameras and declare "I am still the best, I know what's best, but America is too stupid to want ME".
If you want Trump, vote for Trump.  He will not win, and what is worse, he will do absolutely nothing to help you or your family have a better life here in America.  He will just find a way to blame you when any of his reality TV show ideas get shot down as just fantasy.  But he doesn't want to be President America, Trump just wants a platform that we are giving him so that he can try and show just how great and powerful he is.  Just like the Wizard of Oz what just a hollow man behind a hollow smoke and mirror show, Donald Trump is also just a carnival barker who has a captivated audience.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Can We Talk?

I am having a really hard time with the Republican Clown Car Debates these days. I need someone to help me understand the silliness of what is going on. Last night I watched Fox Business News' Debate and for the first 90 minutes I was engaged and interested. But during that 90 minutes, I saw and heard some of the most outlandish double talk it has been my displeasure to hear this election season.
From Ben Carson's ridiculous statements about minimum wage is unneeded because right out of college he worked in a lab and they didn't pay him a "high salary" to Donald Trump going on about how his business is so great he can fix the government, it all had my head swimming.  It makes me wonder how desperate are rational thinking folks, whom I normally respect, that they are clamoring for any of these people?
All this year I have listened to these people pontificate about how they will "fix the country"; Donald Trump even wrote a book with that as the title.  I have yet to hear ANY OF THEM say they are running to HELP THE CITIZENS.  Donald Trump, before the debate had the unmitigated nerve to say, "once I am elected we will ALL say Merry Christmas".  I think what is easy to forget, especially when these people are tossing raw meat to the madding crowd, that America is not a Christian nation!  The so-called "forefathers" decried separation of church and state, right?  In THIS country, Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists, Protestants, Wickens, Buddhists, or what ever, are supposed to have an equal voice here.  No one group is SUPPOSED to rule.  But truth be told, Christians have been the dominant religious group here for a long time, but we have all supposedly worked together to make sure we all benefit as a nation.  When the Klan does not like a group, they do all their narrow minded evil asses can to keep that group scared and intimidated.  With comments like this, is Donald Trump pandering directly to THEM?  When he says he will round up 11 million illegals and send them back to Mexico, does any Holocaust survivor NOT shudder?  Shouldn't Japanese Americans who either lived through or were raised by those who were relocated to internment camps during WWII sound an alarm?  Are we now really now Germany of 1929?  Have we slipped into a country on the lines of a Taliban controlled Afghanistan, where we are forcing a singular brand of religion onto the populace?  Or is this just something a lot simpler?
Is this just a case of candidates saying the most outlandish bull shit to gin up their base of supporters so that they can look good in the polls, knowing full well that the things they say now, have no basis on how they'd plan to govern?  There is such a danger in poking that tiger that it should be noted that the anti-gun control rhetoric of 2010 and before caused a crazed man to shoot and kill people gathered to hear Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords speak.  That attack resulted in Congresswoman Giffords suffering brain damage and life threatening injuries herself.  Extreme pandering is not a game, it can rile up the wrong people to wrong action.
I don't want to understate what I am about to say.  I want to anyone reading this to fully understand my points.  The only person on that stage last night who made ANY sense, who talked somewhat rationally was John Kasich.  I don't take what I say lightly.  I can honestly say that I am not sold on any candidate on either side of the aisle right now, I have issues with just about all of them.  I say just about all because quite honestly I cannot name ALL of them.  It is just way too many to track all and take all of them seriously.
Please Americans, please, don't swallow the crap being said at these debates, look at the records of the people who vie to lead you.  If I were to need brain surgery, I would never choose Donald Trump over Ben Carson to do that surgery.  If I were to need business advice I would never choose Dr Carson over Donald Trump.  If I honestly believed that this country was in need of professional leadership, professional governmental leadership, why would I want a doctor or a businessman to TRY and figure it out, on the fly?  We had a "businessman" as President for 8 years already; how did THAT work out for us?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Right and Wrong Has No Color Line

So if you REALLY REALLY know ME you know that I'm all about calling it like it IS; I don't just call an issue by the social media, news media defined "lines". These days we are being divided along color or political lines at every turn. #BlackLivesMatter is real, but it's not mutually exclusive to the idea that #AllLivesMatter as well. It is important to keep in mind that though the latter is true, what has been documented across this country since the days of slavery is that there is an underlying belief in this nation that a Black life is far less important than a White life. That holds true on both sides of the color line. We Blacks have become desensitized to the value of Black lives almost to the same level as some Whites have. When it comes to police involved killings of Blacks, we have to keep in mind that not all cops, White or Black, are bad and not all are good. You can't arbitrarily condemn ALL cops for the actions of some. You can't arbitrarily DEFEND cops based on "they put their lives on the line every day" mantra that is so quickly trotted out by the #FoxNews pundits who immediately seek to draw lines on any issue that could remotely be framed down racial lines. Truth be told, just as in your life or on your job or in your social circles, there are people who are just WRONG right out the box. Whether they are incompetent or just evil, some people should not be doing the jobs that they do.
I say all this to present this case to you.

 Cops Who Killed Autistic First Grader Arrested for Murder, One Had Prior Indictment for Rape

Again, #BlackLivesMatter and there is nothing wrong with the President saying so. He's the President of this country, not the President of Black America. There is nothing wrong with a candidate, Republican or Democrat saying #AllLivesMatter because though the former is true, the reality that we seem to have forgotten, is ANY life, no matter the color of your skin, SHOULD BE PRECIOUS. White cops in some places are targeting Black citizens but guess what? In some places bad Black cops are targeting Blacks as well and some cops are just targeting PEOPLE! A license to carry a badge is not a license to hunt and kill other people!  So whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or whatever, this story should not only sicken you, but reinforce what as a child you should have learned, wrong is just wrong and no one should be hunted by those who are SUPPOSED TO serve and protect us!