Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Orange Menace

For 8 years the Right Wing nut jobs told us President Obama was a sleeper cell foreign spy because of the color of his skin, 
His insistence on trying to work within the Constitution, 
Work with Congress 
Give their dumb asses universal healthcare.  
He also;
Passed the $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act to spur economic growth during the Great Recession
Ordered for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden
Ended the war in Iraq
Saved the U.S. auto industry
Improved school nutrition with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
Expanded embryonic stem cell research leading to groundbreaking work in areas including spinal injury treatment and cancer
So they elected this orange man that's;
  •  Married to an Eastern European nude "model"
  • Has gone to war with the mainstream media
  • Skirted the Constitution
  • Bullied our long time allies
  • Taken credit for things he hasn't done
  • Created fake stories to distract the public from his machinations and failings
  • Crippled our national intelligence community by firing the acting chief of the Department of Justice
  • Fired the FBI Director, removed key members of Congress by giving them jobs in his administration they weren't qualified for
  • Given away military secrets to a foreign leader
  • Offered a budget that will give tax breaks to the rich while giving no relief to the lower income supporters
  • REFUSED to show his OWN tax returns
  • Signed an executive order to take away that healthcare they didn't want but now depend on
  • Tried to obstruct justice on an investigation into his campaign
  • Openly entertained and showed support for the greatest adversary we've ever by inviting Russian agents into the Oval Office and giving them national security secrets which compromised a long standing ally's (Israel) covert operations. 
 Now, WHICH one seems like a foreign spy?

Friday, June 2, 2017

Where Are Those Reagan Republicans?

“Well, there you go again….,”

Remember that little ditty?  That was Ronald Reagan’s famous line from the Presidential debate against Jimmy Carter.  That line was the “go to” for all mimics and comics when they were doing their Reagan impersonations; don’t believe me?  Go check YouTube and other websites.  But the real takeaway is, that was Reagan’s way of calling bullshit on Carter.  He later used it whenever he gave a press conference and someone in the media, (usually Sam Donaldson) tried to call him on some news worthy story of the day/ week.  Whenever he said it, and even when it was used by others to mock him, Republicans LOVED it!  It was like a juice box for a 5 year old to them. But this question actually brings me to my point, where are those are those Reagan Republicans today?  Back in the 80’s, no matter what the story, the issue, the plan, Reagan had supporters who believed in him and his ideals.  The one ideal of Reagan, the one that “made him” for even those moderate Democrats who disagreed with him on all other issues, was his insistence that Russia (Soviet Union) was “the evil empire” and needed to be blocked and countered at every turn.  Those less informed and shallow in their understanding of world issues, will still, to this day, credit Reagan with causing the downfall of the Soviet Union and winning the Cold War.  But perception is the basis for all reality, or at least it used to be, and that narrative is what Republicans have stood on for decades now.  People like George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Peggy Noonan, Karl Rove and others cut their teeth at the Temple of Reagan.  Those guys and others would have never stood by and let anyone, let alone a “Republican” and especially a Republican President, stand in the White House and praise Russia!  Where is the righteous indignation, that feigned outrage that they, (and others) had when Barack Obama “had the nerve” to put his feet up on the Oval Office desk while he actually WORKED on things to make America great, as opposed to just making grandiose photo-ops when he’s signing more ceremonial executive orders like Trump does.
Being a Reagan Republican became a cottage industry where fortunes were made but “true” patriotism was never questioned.  I have gone on record as saying the most troubling aspect of this Trump Presidency is his refusal to accept and explain truth before the American people.  Ronald Regan never needed to exaggerate the size of his Inaugural audience.  He didn’t need to; he didn’t WANT to, that wasn’t important to him, but it is important to Trump.  Ronald Reagan, despite what Obama haters want to have you believe, didn’t shy away from talking to people he disagreed with; enemies or allies.  Ronald Reagan cozied up to “our European cousins” as he called them, he didn’t try to publicly embarrass them.  Ronald Reagan went to Europe and praised and supported NATO, he understood that the very best defense America had in keeping Russia and the Soviet Union at bay in Europe was NATO.  The lessons of World War II were not lost on him, because whether you agreed with him or not, Ronald Reagan understood that a united Europe was a deterrent to Russia from expanding westward.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why those Reagan Republicans that were banner men for him and those principles aren’t speaking up against the things that Trump is doing today.  Every 4 years, since 1992, Republican Presidential candidates flock to the Reagan Library and pay homage and swear undying fealty to the teachings that flowed from the jaws of “the great man”.  Yet despite that, all those same Reagan Republican candidates and aficionados have seen and heard from Trump’s tweets and mouth since the 2016 general election is contrary to everything Reagan stood for.  The Trump administration after less than 150 days more resembles the Nixon White House during the Watergate cover-up or that Reagan White House during the Iran Contra cover-up.  The scramble to cover lies and fabricate new narratives for obvious flubs is clearly embarrassing, yet none of those Reagan Republicans are calling shenanigans.  Just the most innocuous mistakes, like a typo during a late night tweet, have to be spun into some murder mystery plot just in order to keep the fa├žade of infallibility alive of this man.  Why?!?!  What is this obsession to be better than anyone he’s followed?  Obama, Dubya Bush, Clinton, H.W. Bush, and of course Reagan, all admitted at some point in time that they made a mistake in a policy or even misspoke; it is really OK.
Now, to be fair, men like John McCain, David Frum, and Lindsay Graham have started to finally raise an eyebrow about all of this confusion and ask serious questions about serious concerns about Trump’s refusal to at least posture towards Russia and Putin.  But where are the Pat Buchanan’s, the Newt Gringrich’s?  Where are all of the people who proudly called Reagan “The Cold Warrior” and stood at his side when he declared “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” when he went to West Germany to support our NATO allies?  Why is it so hard, or is it that they all sold their souls to this man so that they could get control of the Supreme Court, to call out Trump on this debacle?  How is it those Reagan Republicans are now blind to things like firing of the Director of the FBI in an obvious clumsy attempt to deter an investigation? 

Look, I never supported Ronald Reagan; I never voted for Ronald Reagan; I never LIKED Ronald Reagan.  But I knew Ronald Reagan and I respected Ronald Reagan; trust me, Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan and unlike Ronald Reagan, he has no moral compass and cares nothing for those people that voted for him.  This however is the administration that those woolen covered eyed voters wanted.  As my mother is fond of saying, “you ordered shit, you eat shit”.  I hope it tastes good as you drink it with a glass of Russian vodka.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Kushner Conundrum

So allow me to be clear. I don't care if you don't agree, but facts are facts and the Right will try and distract you in this and it's inexplicable.
The issue is NOT that Jared Kushner tried to set up a "back channel" communication with Russia; though THE FACT that he wanted to do so using Russian facilities and equipment IS "intriguing". The issue IS that Kushner did not disclose that on his security clearance application!! By failing to disclose information like that on an application he LIED! He tried to conceal a meeting with Russian agents on his security clearance application! Please, PLEASE don't even TRY to defend that; it's HUGE! Any of you that are reading this right now who have or had a security clearance, even as low as Public Trust, KNOW that failure to disclose and explain this information is grounds to IMMEDIATELY have your clearance revoked! There is no ambiguity with this process. The act of setting up the meeting is going to be debated in the media on both sides and though I personally believe it's a treasonous act, there are people who will try and spin it away. The Washington Post IS a real news organization and does not have a political agenda on either side. They will call bullshit on either side in order to try and report TRUTH. They have actual reporters and investigators who dig deep and get confirmation on stories they publish. So at this point, the story has to be true, because the Trump administration is trying to EXPLAIN why Kushner was trying to set up these channels. So that is fact as even they have admitted themselves. Whether you believe what he did was wrong or not, you have moved your rook to defend the bishop by accepting that fact. But your king is now endangered because you are ignoring the REAL ISSUE! Jared Kushner failed to report those meetings!
Trumpers will work themselves into a frenzy trying to WANT to believe all of the reasons and excuses that the White House and ring wing media will spew to explain the meetings then say Kushner "forgot" to disclose them. Allow me to help you understand something about that as a problem. If you are 36 and you forgot to mention that you were suspended from school for 2 days because you were smoking pot in the hall bathroom when you were 16 when applying for a SECRET LEVEL clearance, the investigators will call you in, put you on a lie detector and ask you a series of questions all over again and will ask you even deeper more probing questions. If you do not come out of that process squeaky clean, you will not get your clearance. If you already have it, it will be pulled and your job will be gone, regardless of what you do. That is what an "I forgot" defense will buy you for something that minor that happened TWENTY YEARS AGO!! Being 36, and saying "I forgot" for failing to disclose meeting a Russian agent 6 MONTHS AGO, should IMMEDIATELY have you removed from your position working in the White House!!
Let all the other bull shit fall where it will, this should be the immediate response to the disclosure of the meeting. Trump will be in a bind because he will have to try to save Kushner's job, or agree to let him go.  Trump would be smart to heed the words of Don Corleone when asked about giving his son-in-law a job in the "family business".

Monday, November 7, 2016

There is no "Difficult Choice"

To me it's a very simple choice, it's not about his being a serial sexual predator nor her supposed "crookedness". It's all about who really has the experience and ability to run the country and get things done. It ain't about his big talk, selling wolf tickets to his racist supporters about what he CAN do (without a single shred of evidence he is capable) it's about the FACT that Hillary can and has shown she can navigate government BS and will do what she needs to do in a crisis or tough situation. Barack showed he could do it, repeatedly. Dubya couldn't do it and showed it, repeatedly, even though his father was POTUS and he himself was once a governor. Under pressure Trump has shown he is an excuse machine and whiny little bitch. What's he gonna do if North Korea tries some shit; send nuclear missiles at them?  Complain that it was all Obama's fault for not dealing with him before?  What happens when the next big storm takes out a significant region of this country?  I know Hillary has not only the experience, but knows who to put in charge of those situations. Do you REALLY want Chris (Krispy Kreme) Christie as the Attorney General? Rudy Giuliani as the head of the FBI?  Would you be OK with generals who have been retired because their ideas were more militaristic to come back and run policy when it comes hot spots around the globe? And lastly, seriously, the BLM movement and police issues are working towards finding common ground and common sense solutions. It is a slow slog but there is promise. All of that will indeed come to a halt and things will get worse when Trump comes into office and declares that "stop and frisk" will once again be the way police should do their jobs. 

Naw, her emails, her getting paid big money by big companies to speak don't mean crap to me. I don't want to have a man in that chair that has people so on edge that my life and the life of my son are devalued so that he can stroke his enormous ego and prove his fame made him the most powerful person on the planet. It's too much of a serious risk.
What I find most interesting and ironic in this whole election cycle is, the Republican Party leadership has sold their souls on this one, so that they can try and maintain "control" of their base.  The GOP has been losing grip on party unity and message since before John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  The rise of the Tea Party was a direct result of Barack Obama ascending to the highest office in the land and the perception that "they" "lost our country".  So they elected people who spoke that same rhetoric of fear and hate and what it did was set the country back.  Despite what the reality of what government does or is supposed to do, all of that has been misconstrued by the media and the Right.  Do you honestly think a Donald Trump could have risen to the level of "party nominee" when Ronald Reagan or even Richard Nixon were party darlings?  But now, sheer racism is the not so subtle calling card of the Trump coalition of deplorables.  Trump has rung a waiting bell within the hearts of the suddenly disenfranchised White folk who feel that no matter what their station in life, it is their right to be doing better, especially over anyone of color.  Trump kicked off his campaign saying all the right things to those folks. Now all the fears of the Party leadership have bubbled up and those folks feel they have a seat at the table so to speak.  But what we should fear is if Trump does win; that seat at the table will dictate policies and reframe what has been considered progress for the last 20 years. 
If you have not voted yet, vote tomorrow.  Too many people fought and gave their lives for you to "feel" you don't need to.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nitelifer: Trump's Lies Matter!

Nitelifer: Trump's Lies Matter!: I have been procrastinating on writing this article because it just seems like as soon as I am ready to tie his lies up in a bow, Donald Tru...

Trump's Lies Matter!

I have been procrastinating on writing this article because it just seems like as soon as I am ready to tie his lies up in a bow, Donald Trump drops another bombshell that is worse than the last and I can't get caught up.  But enough is enough, I have to tailor my point to just not detail them all but encourage you, an informed citizen, to always be mindful that just about all that comes out of that man's mouth is some bull.
We need to start with the fact that Donald Trump's initial foray into this election was taken as a joke by not only myself, but the national (and probably international) media as well.  The people of this country who refuse to read and investigate (if they are at all capable) are so desperate for a person that they can connect with that they mistakenly believe they can connect with a billionaire who wouldn't talk with them if they somehow got stranded together for 3 hours in the same elevator.  But a TV reality show star, who, they have watched for years, and professes to be "super rich" captured their attention.  But you see, that is the first lie.  Donald Trump is not as rich as he professes, which is why most of us are speculating he refuses to release his tax returns.  But though that is the first lie, that is not the most important one.  The big lie that we keep glossing over is, Donald Trump is NOT a "businessman"; he is a salesman.  If you are a salesman/ person, or have dealt with them you know that in order to make a sale, you tell the customer exactly what they want to hear. You emphasize the positives and downplay the negatives.  Donald Trump does this, and does it in spades.  But before delving into that, allow me to explain why he is not a "businessman" as opposed to a salesman.  Do you remember the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy?  If you do then you remember Lady Heloise, played masterfully by the late Eartha Kitt.  She was the face of the company that acquired Eddie's company, but she held absolutely zero power within the company.  But like the lunatic fringe of this America, Eddie was determined to get in bed with that face to advance his own selfish ambitions.  And like Donald Trump, Lady Heloise was an aging insignificant who was desperate to be stroked in order to feel better about herself.
Trump sells his name and uses that name to make his money while fooling everyone into thinking he runs anything within his own company.  Trump puts his name on a "university" and promises that if you spend your money there, you will become a wealthy and successful real estate broker.  When that doesn't work out he tells you that YOU didn't have what it takes.  Trump puts his name on steaks and tells you that if you pay exuberant prices for these regular quality steaks you will be getting the best steaks ever.  But you THINK you are on the same level as Trump because you are eating the same steaks he eats; you have bought into the lie yet again.
When I think of a true businessman/ person, I think of a Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey or even a Bill Gates.  These are true "business people" who took an idea and built globally recognized successful businesses and are hands on in all important aspects of their businesses.  (Bill Gates is no longer running the day to day operations of Microsoft but until he stepped away no one could argue with the success and importance of the way he ran that company).  If Donald Trump were indeed all that he pretends to be in business, he would not have time nor the inclination to always be interviewed about political matters.  You see that entire farce, where reporters would actually interview him about world affairs, went straight to his overblown ego and allowed his pontifications to seem important and worthwhile, to himself.  Like assholes, everyone has an opinion and Donald Trump has the biggest of both.
But back to the specific lies.  Trump will stand at a podium or even in an interview and tell all who listen that he is can fix all the ills that America has.  No he can't, no one person or President can.  To be 110% honest, all of America's ills cannot be fixed.  But the ills that he is telling you are a problem, either do not exist, or are being over emphasized by the Right while some of the serious major issues are either being underplayed or ignored.  He will tell you that our military is in shambles, it is not and any serious military person would be insulted to be told they are inferior.  Yet, for some reason I will never ever understand, the Republicans always win the military card despite Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama using them to their fullest without unnecessarily exposing them to harm's way, yet George Dubya started wasting lives as if they were just useless pawns on a chess board.  Trump will tell you that he is doing "great with Blacks", yet he is polling at 0.0% in most polls in urban areas.  Trump will tell you that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS, yet the truth is the decision to go to war in Iraq was squarely on the shoulders of again, George Dubya Bush. The lie that Russian leader Putin called President Obama a nigger was an out and out lie that was solely designed to inflame Black voters possibly to his side, while advancing the false narrative that Obama is a weak leader.  The lies become even more bizarre after that when he declared that the NFL sent HIM a letter asking that he change the date of the 1st Presidential Debate so it wouldn't interfere with the start of the season, yet the NFL says no such correspondence ever happened.  And let's just look at THAT one for a second please?  The NFL is the only sport in America that literally owns a day of the week.  They literally print cash.  The last thing the NFL is concerned about is losing ratings to a Presidential debate.  And to be clear, IF the NFL did wish for the date for a debate to be changed, they would make a request to the Commission on Presidential Debates; they are the ones that are in charge of the debates.  Trump will say that the only way he would lose Pennsylvania is if the elections are rigged.  Hello, the rigging of elections are the tool of the Republican party when they make changes to districts and regions to make it more difficult for minorities to get to the polls.  But the truth about that issue alone is that Trump is polling so badly in urban and suburban areas in that state, (as well as other battleground states) that he can't make up ground with his silly and inflammatory rhetoric.
Finally, I have to bring up my favorite of all of Donald Trump's lies; this idea of a wall to keep illegal aliens out of our southern and border states.  The entire idea of a wall is far fetched in and of itself.  Though there is definite need for more border control, and some sort of serious conversation should be brought to the forefront; the idea of a wall and Trump being able to build it is some hooey.  Friends, on a recent trip to Nevada I visited the Hoover Dam.  It is truly a modern marvel and when you consider that in 1937 they were able to get that built in 2 years is utterly amazing.  But this is 2016 and in the atmosphere of this political discord, it would take at least 2 years of jockeying in Congress just to find the funding for such a project.  But if we wanna play "shits and giggles" lets just pretend that on Day 1 of a Trump Presidency he is allocated the say, 40 billion dollars needed just to start a project of this magnitude.  Then if by some other miracle within a few magic days a viable and deliberate effort begins to start construction of an impenetrable wall, how long do you think it would take to complete a wall that would deter determined South and Central Americans from crossing our borders?  How long did it take to clear and rebuild just around ground zero created by the 9/11 attacks in New York?  We are talking about a 20 year project at best, and oh by the way, no, Mexico would NOT pay for it.
The whole thing with Donald Trump is fool's gold.  He is not only a salesman, he's a snake oil salesman and he is selling his followers a bag of beans.  Just as the snake oil salesman of Western lore sold hopes and dreams to those who were too ignorant to know better, Donald Trump is selling a product to people who are willing to swallow any swill that he puts in front of them.  And also like those snake oil salesmen of yesteryear, Trump will be gone as soon as the deal is done, or hopefully rejected.  You have to understand something when it comes to this guy; he is not interested in helping you, helping me, helping anyone in this country other than himself.  Donald Trump is doing this just because he wants to prove to all that disbelieved him and to himself, that his ego is able to be stroked all the way to the White House.  The sad part of all of this is is that Donald Trump is so obsessed with winning this race that he has given little to no energy towards actually governing should he win.  He just wants to prove a point, and he will say anything to get to that point.  And the irony of this whole "candidacy" is this man's lies shows how dangerous he is because of the lies and how sad it is that no matter how outlandish they are, there are those that are willing to believe every word he says.  Trump lies to so he can win; he very well could win because there are always enough people willing to buy snake oil to cure a problem that they don't even have.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Nitelifer: Why Black Lives Matter MATTERS

Nitelifer: Why Black Lives Matter MATTERS: White America, White REPUBLICAN America, you are totally missing the point of what the real BLM movement is about. Let's change some wo...