Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nitelifer: Trump's Lies Matter!

Nitelifer: Trump's Lies Matter!: I have been procrastinating on writing this article because it just seems like as soon as I am ready to tie his lies up in a bow, Donald Tru...

Trump's Lies Matter!

I have been procrastinating on writing this article because it just seems like as soon as I am ready to tie his lies up in a bow, Donald Trump drops another bombshell that is worse than the last and I can't get caught up.  But enough is enough, I have to tailor my point to just not detail them all but encourage you, an informed citizen, to always be mindful that just about all that comes out of that man's mouth is some bull.
We need to start with the fact that Donald Trump's initial foray into this election was taken as a joke by not only myself, but the national (and probably international) media as well.  The people of this country who refuse to read and investigate (if they are at all capable) are so desperate for a person that they can connect with that they mistakenly believe they can connect with a billionaire who wouldn't talk with them if they somehow got stranded together for 3 hours in the same elevator.  But a TV reality show star, who, they have watched for years, and professes to be "super rich" captured their attention.  But you see, that is the first lie.  Donald Trump is not as rich as he professes, which is why most of us are speculating he refuses to release his tax returns.  But though that is the first lie, that is not the most important one.  The big lie that we keep glossing over is, Donald Trump is NOT a "businessman"; he is a salesman.  If you are a salesman/ person, or have dealt with them you know that in order to make a sale, you tell the customer exactly what they want to hear. You emphasize the positives and downplay the negatives.  Donald Trump does this, and does it in spades.  But before delving into that, allow me to explain why he is not a "businessman" as opposed to a salesman.  Do you remember the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy?  If you do then you remember Lady Heloise, played masterfully by the late Eartha Kitt.  She was the face of the company that acquired Eddie's company, but she held absolutely zero power within the company.  But like the lunatic fringe of this America, Eddie was determined to get in bed with that face to advance his own selfish ambitions.  And like Donald Trump, Lady Heloise was an aging insignificant who was desperate to be stroked in order to feel better about herself.
Trump sells his name and uses that name to make his money while fooling everyone into thinking he runs anything within his own company.  Trump puts his name on a "university" and promises that if you spend your money there, you will become a wealthy and successful real estate broker.  When that doesn't work out he tells you that YOU didn't have what it takes.  Trump puts his name on steaks and tells you that if you pay exuberant prices for these regular quality steaks you will be getting the best steaks ever.  But you THINK you are on the same level as Trump because you are eating the same steaks he eats; you have bought into the lie yet again.
When I think of a true businessman/ person, I think of a Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey or even a Bill Gates.  These are true "business people" who took an idea and built globally recognized successful businesses and are hands on in all important aspects of their businesses.  (Bill Gates is no longer running the day to day operations of Microsoft but until he stepped away no one could argue with the success and importance of the way he ran that company).  If Donald Trump were indeed all that he pretends to be in business, he would not have time nor the inclination to always be interviewed about political matters.  You see that entire farce, where reporters would actually interview him about world affairs, went straight to his overblown ego and allowed his pontifications to seem important and worthwhile, to himself.  Like assholes, everyone has an opinion and Donald Trump has the biggest of both.
But back to the specific lies.  Trump will stand at a podium or even in an interview and tell all who listen that he is can fix all the ills that America has.  No he can't, no one person or President can.  To be 110% honest, all of America's ills cannot be fixed.  But the ills that he is telling you are a problem, either do not exist, or are being over emphasized by the Right while some of the serious major issues are either being underplayed or ignored.  He will tell you that our military is in shambles, it is not and any serious military person would be insulted to be told they are inferior.  Yet, for some reason I will never ever understand, the Republicans always win the military card despite Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama using them to their fullest without unnecessarily exposing them to harm's way, yet George Dubya started wasting lives as if they were just useless pawns on a chess board.  Trump will tell you that he is doing "great with Blacks", yet he is polling at 0.0% in most polls in urban areas.  Trump will tell you that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS, yet the truth is the decision to go to war in Iraq was squarely on the shoulders of again, George Dubya Bush. The lie that Russian leader Putin called President Obama a nigger was an out and out lie that was solely designed to inflame Black voters possibly to his side, while advancing the false narrative that Obama is a weak leader.  The lies become even more bizarre after that when he declared that the NFL sent HIM a letter asking that he change the date of the 1st Presidential Debate so it wouldn't interfere with the start of the season, yet the NFL says no such correspondence ever happened.  And let's just look at THAT one for a second please?  The NFL is the only sport in America that literally owns a day of the week.  They literally print cash.  The last thing the NFL is concerned about is losing ratings to a Presidential debate.  And to be clear, IF the NFL did wish for the date for a debate to be changed, they would make a request to the Commission on Presidential Debates; they are the ones that are in charge of the debates.  Trump will say that the only way he would lose Pennsylvania is if the elections are rigged.  Hello, the rigging of elections are the tool of the Republican party when they make changes to districts and regions to make it more difficult for minorities to get to the polls.  But the truth about that issue alone is that Trump is polling so badly in urban and suburban areas in that state, (as well as other battleground states) that he can't make up ground with his silly and inflammatory rhetoric.
Finally, I have to bring up my favorite of all of Donald Trump's lies; this idea of a wall to keep illegal aliens out of our southern and border states.  The entire idea of a wall is far fetched in and of itself.  Though there is definite need for more border control, and some sort of serious conversation should be brought to the forefront; the idea of a wall and Trump being able to build it is some hooey.  Friends, on a recent trip to Nevada I visited the Hoover Dam.  It is truly a modern marvel and when you consider that in 1937 they were able to get that built in 2 years is utterly amazing.  But this is 2016 and in the atmosphere of this political discord, it would take at least 2 years of jockeying in Congress just to find the funding for such a project.  But if we wanna play "shits and giggles" lets just pretend that on Day 1 of a Trump Presidency he is allocated the say, 40 billion dollars needed just to start a project of this magnitude.  Then if by some other miracle within a few magic days a viable and deliberate effort begins to start construction of an impenetrable wall, how long do you think it would take to complete a wall that would deter determined South and Central Americans from crossing our borders?  How long did it take to clear and rebuild just around ground zero created by the 9/11 attacks in New York?  We are talking about a 20 year project at best, and oh by the way, no, Mexico would NOT pay for it.
The whole thing with Donald Trump is fool's gold.  He is not only a salesman, he's a snake oil salesman and he is selling his followers a bag of beans.  Just as the snake oil salesman of Western lore sold hopes and dreams to those who were too ignorant to know better, Donald Trump is selling a product to people who are willing to swallow any swill that he puts in front of them.  And also like those snake oil salesmen of yesteryear, Trump will be gone as soon as the deal is done, or hopefully rejected.  You have to understand something when it comes to this guy; he is not interested in helping you, helping me, helping anyone in this country other than himself.  Donald Trump is doing this just because he wants to prove to all that disbelieved him and to himself, that his ego is able to be stroked all the way to the White House.  The sad part of all of this is is that Donald Trump is so obsessed with winning this race that he has given little to no energy towards actually governing should he win.  He just wants to prove a point, and he will say anything to get to that point.  And the irony of this whole "candidacy" is this man's lies shows how dangerous he is because of the lies and how sad it is that no matter how outlandish they are, there are those that are willing to believe every word he says.  Trump lies to so he can win; he very well could win because there are always enough people willing to buy snake oil to cure a problem that they don't even have.