Monday, October 31, 2011


Well I have to admit I didn't expect THIS, but I was sure somehow Herman Cain would be derailed from his naive bid to become this country's second Black President. To bash President Obama is one thing, to do it as a Black man is fine, but to expect his staunchest detractors and "haters" to suddenly find religion and endorse another "one" was plain ridiculous; Especially one who is doing things in his own way. So the story today is that way back when Cain was President of the Restaurant Association of America, he had to settle 2 sexual harassment complaints lodged against him. In order to squelch this allegation Cain's crack campaign staff (the ones responsible for these 2 "interesting" commercials  Yellow Flowers & Smoking Man) have flubbed, faltered, and fallen down in the wave of intense news media scrutiny that was sure to come with this kind of story. Everything they have said has either been a refusal to dignify such charges or to defer to records of the Restaurant Association. Are these people THAT naive, or are they just THAT stupid?!? In actuality, I think they are just that arrogant. This is an arrogance buoyed up by Cain's surprising showing in national and local polls, that show him either in front of flip flopping Romney or running neck & neck with him. One can only imagine the excitement within THAT camp, as well as the other bottom feeders who share the stage during these Republican debates. Mitt can now see this whole deal up by showing he's the "Family Values" candidate. He can then look Rick Perry right in the eye and ask, "Rick, while governor of the largest contiguous state in the union, why did you repeatedly call for a vote to secede from the union?". Slam dunk, game over! Mitt please take that longest mile walk to take on President Obama and get crushed by members of your own party (currently Mitt is a Republican though he was once a Democrat) because none of THEM trust your Mormonism.
But back to the man in crosshairs of the hour, Herman (screwed by trying to get screwed) Cain. If he has any chance of not becoming the next John Edwards he has to go into serious damage control mode and start removing top level people who have failed him miserably. However, if these allegations prove to be true, and by allegations, allow me to be clear, I mean the allegations that people were paid off, prove to be true, he needs to get in front of them and say "Yes, people were paid to settle a nuisance complaint instead of fighting them during the time and causing a lot of unneeded litigation". And let THAT, be THAT.  Now, if the facts prove to be what I believe them to be, and he was/ IS a "sexual predator", then he needs to just step out of this race and get to what he really got in it to do anyway, sell books, advance his motivational speaker career, and keep feeling impressed by his own history.
The one thing this all does prove though?  When people with their own twisted agendas (the Koch brothers) decide they want to influence things at the top when they are not normal players in that arena, the vetting process can be a bit incomplete.  Had they been real power brokers, they would have never endorsed this fool in the first place.