Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why do you all keep eating BS and pretending it's good and delicious?!?!

Herman Cain today said that Sharon Bialek, the first woman to publicly accuse the GOP presidential candidate of sexual harassment, is a liar and that he can't remember ever meeting her. "I can categorically say I have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. And as far as these latest charges? I reject all of those," Cain told ABC News' Jonathan Karl in the ABC News/Yahoo Newsmakers interview.
Now watch this video, and pay CLOSE attention to what his own campaign manager says on Faux News!
John Stewart on the case! (click link)

Why oh WHY do they think people are STUPID?  Oh, I know why, because no one wants to really PAY ATTENTION!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Well I have to admit I didn't expect THIS, but I was sure somehow Herman Cain would be derailed from his naive bid to become this country's second Black President. To bash President Obama is one thing, to do it as a Black man is fine, but to expect his staunchest detractors and "haters" to suddenly find religion and endorse another "one" was plain ridiculous; Especially one who is doing things in his own way. So the story today is that way back when Cain was President of the Restaurant Association of America, he had to settle 2 sexual harassment complaints lodged against him. In order to squelch this allegation Cain's crack campaign staff (the ones responsible for these 2 "interesting" commercials  Yellow Flowers & Smoking Man) have flubbed, faltered, and fallen down in the wave of intense news media scrutiny that was sure to come with this kind of story. Everything they have said has either been a refusal to dignify such charges or to defer to records of the Restaurant Association. Are these people THAT naive, or are they just THAT stupid?!? In actuality, I think they are just that arrogant. This is an arrogance buoyed up by Cain's surprising showing in national and local polls, that show him either in front of flip flopping Romney or running neck & neck with him. One can only imagine the excitement within THAT camp, as well as the other bottom feeders who share the stage during these Republican debates. Mitt can now see this whole deal up by showing he's the "Family Values" candidate. He can then look Rick Perry right in the eye and ask, "Rick, while governor of the largest contiguous state in the union, why did you repeatedly call for a vote to secede from the union?". Slam dunk, game over! Mitt please take that longest mile walk to take on President Obama and get crushed by members of your own party (currently Mitt is a Republican though he was once a Democrat) because none of THEM trust your Mormonism.
But back to the man in crosshairs of the hour, Herman (screwed by trying to get screwed) Cain. If he has any chance of not becoming the next John Edwards he has to go into serious damage control mode and start removing top level people who have failed him miserably. However, if these allegations prove to be true, and by allegations, allow me to be clear, I mean the allegations that people were paid off, prove to be true, he needs to get in front of them and say "Yes, people were paid to settle a nuisance complaint instead of fighting them during the time and causing a lot of unneeded litigation". And let THAT, be THAT.  Now, if the facts prove to be what I believe them to be, and he was/ IS a "sexual predator", then he needs to just step out of this race and get to what he really got in it to do anyway, sell books, advance his motivational speaker career, and keep feeling impressed by his own history.
The one thing this all does prove though?  When people with their own twisted agendas (the Koch brothers) decide they want to influence things at the top when they are not normal players in that arena, the vetting process can be a bit incomplete.  Had they been real power brokers, they would have never endorsed this fool in the first place.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pat Robertson and the Duck

This was on last night's Daily Show with John Stewart.  Not sure WHICH one is crazier, Stewart or Roberston!!  They are both funny as HELL!!  LOL!!!

Daily Show 10/24/2011

Watch and enjoy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ann Coulter Has Lost It

Yes, it is now official, Ann Coulter has lost her mind.  It is clearly evident that in an effort to stay relevant, she will do or say anything, no matter how outrageous. just so she is not forgotten by the wave of Republican't crazies who are running for President. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GOP Debate take aways

After watching the GOP Debate tonight from the Reagan Library I have a few observations;

  • Michelle Bachmann is no longer the craziest of the candidates, that now goes to Perry, Bachmann is now just VP of bat sh!t crazy
  • Rick Santorum has a lot of kids and a lot of bad ideas
  • Mitt Romney is correct, Tea Party does not require you to carry a card, cards, like reading, is bad
  • Rick Perry says Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and that science should investigate whether science is actually science
  • Herman Cain will never be elected nor nominated, he's being quietly marginalized by his fellow Republicans
  • Ron Paul thinks America needs to take air conditioners out of the Green Zone and a fence will keep Americans locked in, instead of illegal immigrants out.  In other words, Huh?!?!?
  • Newt Gingrich is still rewriting history to make himself out to be a hero and hasn't got an ice cube's chance
  • And finally, together none of these people are strong enough to be a serious threat to Obama gaining a second term
  • There is a sad section of people in this country that are excited about Texas executing 243 people since Rick Perry took office
It is true that America needs jobs, and it is incumbent upon President Obama to help make them a reality, but with Republican leadership like these people running to take him on, it will be hard to get anything done.  It is impossible to reason with unreasonable people.  None of these people are offering any new ideas, or are able to actually lead.  Other than Perry, I don't see either of them being able to make that call that President Obama did to send troops into a sovereign nation without notification to kill an enemy of the state.  I know Rick Perry will do it, Rick Perry seems to be amped up TO kill.

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Reality Bites

Has it really come to this?  How can you not be sick of all of these "reality shows" that feature nothing but "unreal conflict" by "unreal people" in "unreal situations"?  I don't care if it is The Jersey Shore, or Real Housewives of (from wherever), all we see is people who are put into these pseudo "realistic" settings and are prompted to stir up mess.  I am plugged into Twitter and Face Book and I read all of the posts from people who talk about NeNe or whomever acting a fool at some trendy restaurant or how Shaunie said what to Tami and how vested these fans are in the lives of these women who are ACTING! Maybe it is too boring to live our own lives or even watch real people live their's, but to sit for an hour at a time and watch people call each other bitches and have cat fights at the drop of a hat in club can't be the best entertainment you can find, can it?
For years I have heard, from women, that Playboy magazine and publications like it, are exploitative of women.  I have heard mothers say that they would never allow their daughters to be video vixens or want their daughters to watch videos or even see those magazines, and rightly so.  Yet I KNOW for a fact that some of those same women will sit and watch these so called reality shows WITH their daughters and love doing so.  I can't imagine any self respecting parent from when I was growing up, looking forward to or allowing their baby girls to aspire to be a centerfold model.  When I was in school, and it was not all THAT long ago, young girls aspired to make something of THEMSELVES.  They wanted to be doctors, lawyers, business owners, business executives, government employees, or whatever.  For the most part girls aspired to be independent and successful. Did they all achieve those goals?  No, not many of us do hit all of our goals in life.  But the key is to have goals to shoot for.  If by watching "Real Housewives", or "Basketball Housewives", our young ladies and little girls think the best way to get ahead is to marry a "baller", or a "playah" and drive a fly car, live in a big house, drink champagne and basically become a kept woman, then there is something seriously wrong.  Don't get me wrong, true love is a special thing and yes, it does happen that athletes do find special people that are real and will love them sincerely.  For some it is not just about the money, but far too often we hear and read stories where it isn't about love either.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maybe we should have had a tornado?

Funding new schools should not take a disaster

In May of this year, a tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri.  It killed 160 people and wiped out about 30 percent of the town.  10 schools in the town were either damaged or destroyed.  Though this is sad and disturbing, what makes this information remarkable is that last week, all schools in Joplin opened and resumed classes, on schedule.  It took a herculean effort on the part of local businesses and volunteers as well as money from non-traditional sources, and the Federal Government.  But they got it done.  Why does it take a major national disaster to mobilize people into action to take care of our future?  Today in Baltimore we all experienced a 5.9 magnitude earthquake.  It was scary but unfortunately did relatively little damage to anything in this city other than everyone's psyche.  In 1989 a quake hit San Francisco that measured 6.9.  The damage done by that one was massive and far reaching.  It destroyed buildings, bridges, and infrastructure.  Yet monies came in from all quarters to rebuild.  My point is this, in the face of a major disaster, money can be found to rebuild schools.  But why does it take something like that?  In Joplin, new laptops were supplied for each of the 1200 high school students so they could return to class.  Those laptops were supplied by the United Arab Emirates.  Who was the genius who secured that donation and can we bring them here to Baltimore?  No new school has been built in Baltimore City since the 1950s.  In Joplin 11th and 12th grade students will have to temporarily share space in a vacated store while their schools are being completed.  Another brilliant idea!  There are far too many buildings and businesses in shopping centers here in this city that are sitting vacant that can be utilized as temporary classroom space while older schools are torn down and rebuilt.  It makes you wonder; could City Hall be called upon, or counted on, to be as creative if the quake here was bad enough to destroy school buildings today?  In lieu of something so devastating, are there any forward thinking heads in City Hall or North Avenue to go after corporate money to modernize or rebuild schools that are older than many teachers and administrators working in them?  Wheels are being spun and money is being misspent in this city friends, and there is nothing in this current crop of candidates to indicate that anything will change in the next 4 years.