Monday, August 1, 2016

Why Black Lives Matter MATTERS

White America, White REPUBLICAN America, you are totally missing the point of what the real BLM movement is about. Let's change some words here and perspective here and see how you'd feel. What if instead of the alarming amount of Black people who have been killed ON CAMERA by police and those ACTING as cops, there was the same amount of say DOGS murdered this way?  Certain groups in America would be up in arms and totally blowing up. Michael Vick financed and owned dog fighting businesses. He personally killed losing dogs and kept those fighting dogs in inhumane conditions. People across the country held rallies, called for his arrest, protested at his trials, petitioned for him to never be allowed to play football again, sent him death threats!  Ray Rice had a fight with his then fiancĂ© and hit her and knocked her out in an elevator in Atlantic city while both were drunk. And even though they both admitted culpability in the incident and moved on to still get married and sought counseling and he accepted full responsibility for what happened, he's been blackballed from the NFL and probably will never play the game again.
After those situations no one ever said "animal rights groups get too much attention" or "domestic abuse is a sexist organization that is seeking to divide the country". You know why?  Because Black people standing up and saying ANYTHING that makes White America nervous is viewed as a threat to the peace. Black Lives Matter is not a call to arms and is not a racist movement, the KKK is. Black people are trying to say "stop killing us as if we are less than dogs, as if we mean less than any woman who has ever been abused by her spouse, we deserve better". Those who have attacked police are just as wrong as those of you who think BLM is a racist movement. If all of YOUR nieces and nephews, sons and daughters, siblings and cousins were being shot when they were walking home from the store, standing on a corner, driving home from work, traveling to a new home, sitting in church praying, attending a party, or sitting in their homes watching TV, I bet YOU'D be screaming My Family's Lives Matter and begging people to pay attention that no matter what you and your family do, they SEEM to be targets and don't know where to go to feel and be safe!  No one would accuse YOU of being racist even if you said, "until you stop killing (fill in YOUR family's name) we (fill in your family's name) will stop patronizing your stores and banks and spending money". What they would say is, "that family man is doing all he can in a non-violent way, to draw attention to what is happening to his family. God bless him. 
Stop being afraid of the BLM movement and stop the call for ALL Lives Matter as a counter. We KNOW all lives matter, we just want to be counted IN the "all" and stop seeing our loved ones and those that look like us show up in more cellphone videos dying at the hands of those we WANT to serve and protect us; along WITH the "all".