Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reality Bites

Has it really come to this?  How can you not be sick of all of these "reality shows" that feature nothing but "unreal conflict" by "unreal people" in "unreal situations"?  I don't care if it is The Jersey Shore, or Real Housewives of (from wherever), all we see is people who are put into these pseudo "realistic" settings and are prompted to stir up mess.  I am plugged into Twitter and Face Book and I read all of the posts from people who talk about NeNe or whomever acting a fool at some trendy restaurant or how Shaunie said what to Tami and how vested these fans are in the lives of these women who are ACTING! Maybe it is too boring to live our own lives or even watch real people live their's, but to sit for an hour at a time and watch people call each other bitches and have cat fights at the drop of a hat in club can't be the best entertainment you can find, can it?
For years I have heard, from women, that Playboy magazine and publications like it, are exploitative of women.  I have heard mothers say that they would never allow their daughters to be video vixens or want their daughters to watch videos or even see those magazines, and rightly so.  Yet I KNOW for a fact that some of those same women will sit and watch these so called reality shows WITH their daughters and love doing so.  I can't imagine any self respecting parent from when I was growing up, looking forward to or allowing their baby girls to aspire to be a centerfold model.  When I was in school, and it was not all THAT long ago, young girls aspired to make something of THEMSELVES.  They wanted to be doctors, lawyers, business owners, business executives, government employees, or whatever.  For the most part girls aspired to be independent and successful. Did they all achieve those goals?  No, not many of us do hit all of our goals in life.  But the key is to have goals to shoot for.  If by watching "Real Housewives", or "Basketball Housewives", our young ladies and little girls think the best way to get ahead is to marry a "baller", or a "playah" and drive a fly car, live in a big house, drink champagne and basically become a kept woman, then there is something seriously wrong.  Don't get me wrong, true love is a special thing and yes, it does happen that athletes do find special people that are real and will love them sincerely.  For some it is not just about the money, but far too often we hear and read stories where it isn't about love either.

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