Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What it AIN'T About!

America you are disappointing me. The Trayvon Martin story is a sad one but it ain't about what certain people are trying tell you it's about. This story ain't about gun laws or gun rights. This story ain't about George Zimmerman or HIS story. This story ain't about Skittles or hoodies. The story of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin is about the murder of a child. The loss of a mother's 17 year old baby boy is sad in and of itself but when that child is taken from his mother by the hands of someone who felt he had a duty to do makes this even more disturbing and sad.
Shame on those on both sides of the aisle who try to push their own agenda over the body of this kid. Shame on the NRA for trying to defend the shooting and framing the shooter as some sort of hero. Shame on the anti gun lobby for trying to use this story to push their agenda of no guns over this kid's body. I am flabbergasted but not shocked that there are people on Fox News who try to impeach the character of this young man so that they can find some sort of justification for the murder on the street that night. This story ain't about that. Those who try to defend George Zimmerman by making the TV talking head circuit and say he wasn't a racist are profiting either financially or celebrity only to further their own cause. And for those on the Left who shout and pontificate about how it is a certain fact that George Zimmerman is a racist and hated or distrusted Blacks, I am sorry to tell YOU, this story ain't about THAT! As much as I am in solidarity with those that don hoodies and march the streets and stand in front of city halls across this nation to decry what happened in Samford Florida, I am sorry to say, "Lord KNOWS, this story ain't about THAT!! To be sure, racial divides in this country still exist. Let me repeat that because there are those that don't want to read, believe, hear or acknowledge this as fact. But racial divides STILL EXITS in this, the greatest country on this planet. But again I have to say, this story of the death of Trayvon Martin ain't about THAT!
As President Obama said and as Trayvon's mother continues to tell everyone who are open to listen, what this story IS about, is the murder and death of not only Trayvon, his mother's child, but the possibility that if it can happen to YOUR child, MY child and ANYONE'S children if we all don't wake up and take a step back. Was George Zimmerman overzealous in his pursuit of this person HE suspected? Well the proof of that is here for anyone to see. But we all have to work TOGETHER to find a better way my friends. We have to work together to TRY to keep this from happening again.
The police in that community and the in all communities in this country have to step up and stop doing drive by policing. They need to be able to invest in bringing awareness and protection of the people's trust back to the communities they are sworn to protect and serve. This story, this sad tragic totally unavoidable story is about what that mother now has to deal with for the rest of her days, that burden that she must bear so that hopefully no other parent here in America will never have to again. If we as a people, the children of a God fearing nation can come together and work together, none of us, Black, White, Brown, Yellow or whatever will have to wonder if someone who is steeped in distrust will gun down our babies because they fit a certain profile.
My heart cries out to Trayvon's mother and father. My child is 12 and if I were to lose him for whatever reason at 17 to something as tragic and senseless as this, I know I would not have the strength to go on.
Learn to love one another People.

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