Monday, November 7, 2016

There is no "Difficult Choice"

To me it's a very simple choice, it's not about his being a serial sexual predator nor her supposed "crookedness". It's all about who really has the experience and ability to run the country and get things done. It ain't about his big talk, selling wolf tickets to his racist supporters about what he CAN do (without a single shred of evidence he is capable) it's about the FACT that Hillary can and has shown she can navigate government BS and will do what she needs to do in a crisis or tough situation. Barack showed he could do it, repeatedly. Dubya couldn't do it and showed it, repeatedly, even though his father was POTUS and he himself was once a governor. Under pressure Trump has shown he is an excuse machine and whiny little bitch. What's he gonna do if North Korea tries some shit; send nuclear missiles at them?  Complain that it was all Obama's fault for not dealing with him before?  What happens when the next big storm takes out a significant region of this country?  I know Hillary has not only the experience, but knows who to put in charge of those situations. Do you REALLY want Chris (Krispy Kreme) Christie as the Attorney General? Rudy Giuliani as the head of the FBI?  Would you be OK with generals who have been retired because their ideas were more militaristic to come back and run policy when it comes hot spots around the globe? And lastly, seriously, the BLM movement and police issues are working towards finding common ground and common sense solutions. It is a slow slog but there is promise. All of that will indeed come to a halt and things will get worse when Trump comes into office and declares that "stop and frisk" will once again be the way police should do their jobs. 

Naw, her emails, her getting paid big money by big companies to speak don't mean crap to me. I don't want to have a man in that chair that has people so on edge that my life and the life of my son are devalued so that he can stroke his enormous ego and prove his fame made him the most powerful person on the planet. It's too much of a serious risk.
What I find most interesting and ironic in this whole election cycle is, the Republican Party leadership has sold their souls on this one, so that they can try and maintain "control" of their base.  The GOP has been losing grip on party unity and message since before John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  The rise of the Tea Party was a direct result of Barack Obama ascending to the highest office in the land and the perception that "they" "lost our country".  So they elected people who spoke that same rhetoric of fear and hate and what it did was set the country back.  Despite what the reality of what government does or is supposed to do, all of that has been misconstrued by the media and the Right.  Do you honestly think a Donald Trump could have risen to the level of "party nominee" when Ronald Reagan or even Richard Nixon were party darlings?  But now, sheer racism is the not so subtle calling card of the Trump coalition of deplorables.  Trump has rung a waiting bell within the hearts of the suddenly disenfranchised White folk who feel that no matter what their station in life, it is their right to be doing better, especially over anyone of color.  Trump kicked off his campaign saying all the right things to those folks. Now all the fears of the Party leadership have bubbled up and those folks feel they have a seat at the table so to speak.  But what we should fear is if Trump does win; that seat at the table will dictate policies and reframe what has been considered progress for the last 20 years. 
If you have not voted yet, vote tomorrow.  Too many people fought and gave their lives for you to "feel" you don't need to.

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